Saturday, June 23, 2007

Victoria's Secret

HAH! Made you look!

No, this post isn't about sexy models cavorting about in skimpy underwear (Sorry). It's about Tomás Luis de Victoria, (1548-1611) Spanish priest and composer of polyphonic liturgical music. (There he is over on the right). I've previously blogged about my relatively recent discovery of polyphony, especially the music of Thomas Tallis. I had heard Victoria's name mentioned along with other composers of polyphonic music, such as Palestrina and Byrd, but I hadn't heard any of Victoria's music — so in that sense Victoria was a "secret" for me until I found this site. There you'll find a biography, PDF files with the scores of many of Victoria's works, and mp3 recordings of his compositions performed by amateur and professional choral groups from around the world. I've ordered a recording of Victoria's work from and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I owe a huge hat tip to Father Ray Blake of St. Mary Magdalen Church, Brighton England for posting a link to this site. I found Father Ray's blog via Father Dwight Logenecker of Standing on My Head.

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