Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Nine Billion Names of Borg

Hey kids! Ever wish you could be a cybernetic organism or a robotic artificial intelligence mercilessly crushing all those petty carbon-based units and hopelessly inferior biological life-forms that stood in your way?

Well, now you can with with The Cyborg Name Coder. This name generating engine will take the name of anyone you choose and generate a cool, science-fictiony acronym that makes them sound like the baddest hunk of high-tech hardware around. For example, depending on how I choose to spell my first name (Neil or Niall), I can be a:

Networked Electronic Infiltration Lifeform

Get Your Cyborg Name

Or I can be a:

Networked Intelligent Assassination and Learning Lifeform

Get Your Cyborg Name

The one I like best, however, is based on my last name, so don't mess with me because I'm a:

Lifelike Electronic Sabotage and Logical Infiltration Entity

Get Your Cyborg Name

So there.

(H/T: D. G. D. Davidson at Sci-Fi Catholic).

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