Monday, July 14, 2008

I Almost Have a Job!

I didn't want to say anything until it was official, but this morning I received an e-mail from Axia College, University of Phoenix, informing me that I've been chosen to participate in a training session for online instructors that starts next week. I hope to be teaching courses in writing, composition, communication, and maybe even a little literature--what used to be called Freshman English or College English.

I've actually been communicating with U of P for several weeks now via phone and e-mail because they have a rather lengthy interview and screening process: an online form, a request for a resume, a series of written questions, a phone interview, and a set of online exercises. I've passed all those preliminary stages satisfactorily and about a month of intensive training (actually a pair of two-week seminars) is the next step. If I complete this core training successfully, I'll then be student-teaching a course under the supervision of a mentor and evaluator. If that goes well, I'll be offered the position of a junior instructor on the faculty.

It would be only a part-time gig (15-20 hours a week), but part-time is better than no-time. I'm trying to do some writing and develop some stories about original characters I've created, and a part-time job like this would still allow me time to write. The job is also an excellent opportunity to network with many professionals, and that networking could lead to something full-time. We'll see.

The only downside is that after more than 20 years as a dedicated Macintosh user, I'll have to "go over to the dark side" and start using a Windows PC. My brother Bill, a U of P graduate, and an employee of a major computer manufacturer, strongly recommended a Windows box and a high-speed internet connection. He helped me pick out the system on which this blog entry is being written. It's nifty having a new state-of-the-art PC, but the Windows Vista operating system (ahem . . . searching for a socially acceptable word) stinks. It's clumsy and balky and illogical to me. Despite several valiant attempts this weekend, Bill was unable to network the Mac and the PC. Using a flash drive to transfer important files is only partially successful, as many of them are somehow corrupted in transport. I've been e-mailing really critical files from the Mac to the PC for several days now, because this seems to be about the only way I've found to transfer data error-free. Steve Jobs was right: Microsoft just has no taste. My Mac seems a little forlorn, reduced to a supporting role and sitting on the corner of my desk, but a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do. Honest, little Mac. I still love you!

I have about a million things to do before the online training begins, but it feels great to be busy because you're working towards an ultimate goal. I'm grateful to God for this opportunity and I pray for the grace and strength to make the most of it.


K T Cat said...

You've been in our thoughts and prayers. I've been wracking my brains trying to think of a way to help, but our library staff is being allowed to simply retire right out of existance. The online training thing sounds right up your alley. I would never have thought of that.

I really hope you get the job. I'm very impressed by how hard you've worked at this and stuck to finding a job despite the difficulties.

Niall Mor said...

Thanks for your words of encouragement, KT. I honestly don't know how hard I've worked, though. To tell the truth, I sent out a few resumes right after I got fired, and when I didn't get any positive responses, I just folded up. This University of Phoenix thing came about more or less as a fluke--although I do recall Anatole France saying something about Chance being a pen name for God when he does not wish to sign his work.

K T Cat said...

Niall, don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes the work you do is rallying yourself for another try. Your idea for online training work is such a brain wave!

If this doesn't work out for you, please let me know. I will be more than happy to search far and wide for other opportunities for you to do this kind of work. My imagination was limited and I hadn't considered it before. Now that I see the solution, I think I could help.

Prayers and best wishes to you in any case.