Tuesday, August 19, 2008

On to Mentorship!

I just received an e-mail from my faculty trainer at Axia College of the University of Phoenix that I successfully completed the second round of training as an online facilitator (instructor). The next step is to move on to a mentorship or student-teaching phase where I will be teaching a course under the supervision of a mentor/evaluator and dealing with actual students. I was fairly confident I'd made it because all my previous feedback during this training session was very positive, but I didn't want to get cocky or say anything until it was official.

I can't adequately describe how pleased and relieved I am. After recent events in my life, I was beginning to wonder if I could ever find anything at which I'd be truly successful. I may be moving soon into better housing as well, but I'll hold off on saying anything more until I see how that situation plays out. God is Good!


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K T Cat said...

Yay! Great job, amigo. Have you ever looked into working with Ivy West? They run an online SAT prep course that might be great for you. They came and spoke at my son's high school and I thought of you when they mentioned their online tutors. If not them, then I'm sure there's lots of other companies like that.

Niall Mor said...

Thanks for the tip, KT! I've bookmarked Ivy West's website and will give them a call and see what I can find out.

K T Cat said...

niall, as soon as I heard them talk I thought I saw a whole career area that would work well for you. Let us know how it goes.