Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Sound of Silence

Well, you may have noticed that blog posts have been a wee bit sparse of late. A lot of that has to do with technical difficulties we've been experiencing. Around the end of August, the sound on my computer just . . . died. As in one minute I had sound and could hear podcasts and YouTube videos, and the next minute I couldn't. Of course, I immediately called in my brother Bill, whose geek skills far exceed my own, to work his geek magic and fix the problem. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to work. He tried a couple of sessions of remote access, long distance geekery, followed by an intensive in person session of geekery over the Thanksgiving weekend, all to no avail. At first he believed the problem was a software issue which could be resolved by reinstalling audio device driver files, or, if worst came to worst, completely reinstalling the operating system software. Unfortunately, neither of those solutions worked, and now he's concerned that the root of the problem may be a hardware failure that it would cost serious money to fix. He's still researching the problem in hopes of finding a solution. In the meantime I bought a small inexpensive mp3 player so that I can keep up with my favorite podcasts, but I'm still not able to listen to YouTube clips or other web videos. (Grumble grumble, Bill Gates, mutter mutter HP, curse curse, Windows 7, grumble, mutter, curse).


PaperSmyth said...

[Grumble grumble] Window$!!! I have to use that at work. And I don't do Window$. I can barely remember the keys for "cut" and "paste" and, gee, why does the mouse have two buttons on it?

I'm really hoping things get better there soon. I think you've been handing it all well, considering the situation.

K T Cat said...

That's just crazy! I've never heard of that kind of problem, no pun intended. I hope it gets worked out soon for you.