Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mr. Happy Man

Here's another little video gem I found via Facebook Friend Deborah Schaben. Johnny Barnes is an 88-year-old retired railroad worker from Hamilton, Bermuda who stands at a busy intersection in the city every weekday morning blowing kisses to commuters and telling passersby—most of them complete strangers, no doubt—that he loves them.

What a simple and remarkably revolutionary act! Isn't it one of our deepest longings—if not the very deepest—to be loved? To be told we are loved? That we matter and are worth something? Johnny Barnes does that every day for the people around him. Just think how different the world would be if we followed his example! As Johnny himself points out, there would be no murders or rapes because we would be too busy truly loving one another. Notice too, that Johnny's love for those around him is not rooted in some vague, generalized quasi-socialist love for all humanity. It is rooted in Johnny's love for God and in his awareness of God's love for him. "I'm just a little small instrument in the hand of God to be used any way  He sees fit," says Johnny.

God Bless You, Johnny Barnes! And long may you continue to bless the people of Hamilton.

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