Thursday, November 15, 2012

Skyfall: A Catholic Movie?

Here's Father Robert Barron, host of the popular "Word on Fire" YouTube video series with a commentary on the surprising Catholic elements and connections in the new James Bond movie Skyfall. Caution: Includes spoilers.

Here's the trailer for Skyfall.

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PaperSmyth said...

Well, of course it's a Catholic movie. My boss (I work for a church) walked into my office during my break, saw my December copy of a HDVideo Pro with a shot from Skyfall on my desk, and walked out without even so much as a raised eyebrow. That should be enough of an indicator.

I jest. While that did happen, it's neither here nor there. (I'll have to hit him up with a link to your featured video as he is a fan of Barron.) I almost always find Barron very informative and I was unaware of the Flemming/Houselander connection. This is extremely intriguing for me.

Also, having worked extensively for a Scotswoman who was a literary historian, I find this an intrigue of many layers. Thank you so much for sharing!