Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I Won Again!

Yes, Dear Readers, it has happened again.

More than a year after my first victory in the HeroMachine Caption Contest, I have won again!

Jeff Hebert, creator of the fantabulous HeroMachine software, website, and blog has recently revived his much beloved caption contest. Every couple of weeks, Jeff searches through his vast library of comics, finds a single panel rich with comedic possibilities, removes the dialogue, and invites readers to submit their own. The reader with the funniest dialogue (in this case, that would be me) wins a prize drawn by Jeff. Since he is currently hard at work on the next major upgrade of the software, the prize will be an item of my choice to be included in the next version of HeroMachine or (shudder) a caricature of my face, an item too horrible to be contemplated.

Here is this week's panel with the original dialogue removed:

Here's the same panel with my dialogue inserted, which I hope, Dear Readers, you will find appropriately hilarious:

I have an idea of what I would like for my prize, but I haven't made a final decision. I'll keep you posted.


Jeff Hebert said...

In a slightly amusing aside, my friend John called to say he didn't get the joke. John doesn't have a TV, so he'd never seen the ads. After I directed him to the YouTube version, he promptly wrote back and threatened me with bodily harm for putting that line in his head, where it remains to this day.


PaperSmyth said...

I don't get it either. I must not watch enough TV. Oh, yeah, wait. I almost NEVER watch TV.

"(shudder) a caricature of my face, an item too horrible to be contemplated"

Can I respectfully disagree? There's nothing wrong with your face, man. Try being a woman with a facial scar.

Niall Mor said...

PS, follow this link:

and you'll see what I was referring to (although you may soon wish you didn't).

PaperSmyth said...

Ah, that explains so much. For example, this:

I did NOT get that last frame 'til now, and I wasn't sure I wanted to.

K T Cat said...