Thursday, April 22, 2010

. . . And We're Back

Let a Te Deum be offered, let bells be rung, let psalms be sung, let incense be lit, let solemn masses of thanksgiving be celebrated.

After several uncomfortable, computerless days, It's All Straw is back in business, baby—ahead of schedule, too.

The ominous, potentially catastrophic computer problems I mentioned in my last post reappeared after a couple of days absence, dashing my hopes that the snowy screen problem was a minor glitch. I decided the prudent thing to do was to send the computer off for maintenance and repair. The FedEx guy came about noon last Friday, and from that moment until earlier this afternoon, I was without a computer. No word processing, no e-mail, no web surfing, no podcasts, no nothing.

I listened to music, I watched TV, I prayed, and I stared longingly at the place where the computer usually sits. When I called, the manufacturer's tech support people told me they had received the computer and diagnosed the problem but hadn't received an essential replacement part due to a parts shortage. They estimated they would receive the part, and that I would receive the computer by April 27. Clearly, heroic virtue was called for. I steeled myself for a long wait and possible withdrawal symptoms.

Yet after griping to all and sundry about my ordeal, I heard a fateful knock at my door just after lunchtime this afternoon. On the other side of the door was a FedEx man with a very large package. My baby is home. My files appear to be intact. All is right with the world. God is good—all the time.


PaperSmyth said...

Deo gratias! So good to have you back on-line.

Niall Mor said...

Unfortunately, my technical difficulties aren't quite over. I use a laptop with a docking station and a wireless mouse and keyboard. For some strange reason the mouse and keyboard stopped working, and the manufacturer's tech support people assured me the best solution was to get a new keyboard and mouse. I'm hoping it will arrive tomorrow.