Thursday, December 02, 2010

Brother, Can You Spare A Click?

Ah, Christmastime! Snowflakes. Mistletoe. Sleigh bells. Twinkly lights. And the real reason for the season: SHOPPING!

Just kidding. But I do have a serious reason for talking about shopping. I'll be blunt: I'm desperately short of cash at the moment. I'll be even more blunt: I'm broke. But you, dear readers, can help with that. As you can see, there are ads for and other retailers all over the site. If you are considering a Christmas purchase from Amazon or one of these other retailers, please click on the banner ads on this site before you make your purchase. Please ask all your friends, neighbors, relatives, pets, and complete strangers to do likewise. That way, I'll receive a small percentage of the purchase price, you'll get a bargain on Christmas gifts, and help generate some Christmas cheer for your humble blog host. I thank you for your support.

And now for a musical selection. Take it away, Al!

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