Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Under Fire

I find YouTube endlessly fascinating. Here one can find anything and everything on video: music of all sorts, cartoons, TV shows, home movies, and more; the entertaining, the intriguing, the irritating, and the just plain weird.

It's no secret that times are hard these days and many people, including your humble blog host, are facing tough times this Christmas. But they could always be tougher. Here's a little video I found on YouTube entitled "Christmas Under Fire," released by the British Ministry of Information in 1941. The short film depicts Britons doing their best to carry on and enjoy Christmas despite nearly ceaseless Nazi air raids during the previous winter of 1940. May we all have that kind of courage to bear up under hard times!

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shane said...

A fascinating clip. Really does give one an insight in 1940s England.